Up until now… some bullets of Campbell+Green

2020 – International Singer-Songwriter Association – Vocal Duo Of The Year (gold)
2019 – International Singer-Songwriter Association – Duo Of The Year (bronze)

Recent tours: 

  • 2020/21 – cancelled EU & CA tours due to plague
  • 2019 – 2 Eastern Canada tours
  • 2018 – August/September East Coast
  • 2018 – July – B.C. tour
  • 2018 – May/June Apples ‘n Oranges “When One Door Closes”  EU Tour
  • 2017 – September/October Cross Canada 2 of Hearts Tour
  • 2017 – July/August East Coast 2 of Hearts Tour
  • 2017 – April/May EU 2 of Hearts Tour
  • 2016 – EU and Canada “East” tours


  • Ready-Made Christmas
  • On Being Human
  • When One Door Closes
  • 2 Of Hearts (EP)
  • East
  • Alright (under previous name “ROCA”)
  • ROCA Christmas!

More history

I’ve been playing keyboards since I was about 7 in Edmonton, where I took piano lessons just like everyone seemed to back then. After we lost the old Heintzman upright piano to a house fire I ended up with an organ and learned ‘pop’ organ, you know, things like ‘Up, Up and Away” and Raindrops Keep Fallin’ On My Head” but after a while I ended up taking classical organ and playing Bach and Handel on pipe organs in churches.

After highschool I went to Grant McEwan College (now a University) and did one year of the jazz program then went to BC, and found rock & roll. Please remember this was the 70’s. I played with bands like ‘The Dreaded Whirlies’ (really, honest) and ultimately ended up with ‘Flash Landing’ a top 40 show band and we bought a house in Edmonton and we all went to Grant McEwan, and I did my second year @ college. Then ensued more years of rock, country and whatever else came along until 1986 when I moved to Vancouver and for a number of years focussed on country and some R&B, blues & rock gigs, playing with various recording artists (Patricia Conroy, Susan Jacks, Buddy Knox, Jess Lee, et al).

After 1992 I pulled back from touring, stayed in Maple RIdge, BC, played weekends, hosted open mics, jam nights and took over producing a great Jazz & Blues festival for 5 years and then was Theatre Director at the Arts Centre Theatre for a couple of wonderful years.

In 2015 I met Cailin Marie Green. We ended up playing as a duo, Campbell+Green, and had a very good band with us. Then decided to write our own music. To that end we hosted house concerts and had the artists, from Shari Ulrich to Valdy to Gaye Delorme, give workshops,. We dove in and loved it. We ultimately moved to Nova Scotia, recorded the albums noted below and toured Canada & the EU.

Today I write, record and now play solo, duo and band shows and will be releasing my own work as well as releasing more Campbell+Green tracks on occasion.

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